It’s January. The most common phrase floating around is, “This will be the year”. We all start our ceremonious exercise regimens and health kicks with all intentions of losing the weight, and keeping it off. The main difference between success and failure with these goals is the ability to stay committed to the change. And change is one of those tricky words that elicits simultaneous excitement and fear. As you got back into the office after the holidays, did you think about all the check stock you needed to order, did you look at your desk and all of the paper invoices on it, and think, “This will be the year I change it?” It could be the year that you eliminate paper invoices and checks from your Accounts Payable and payment processes, and keep the paper weight off for good. You may look at Accounts Payable and Payment Automation the same way that most people look at the latest diet craze, and you may immediately think, “How is this possible? And if it’s really that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Join Christopher Elmore, Author and Automation Expert, January 22nd for his webinar, “Lose the Paper Weight” to find out the answer to this question and more!

By: Josh Carney