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Coming back to the validation of pre-work. As you continue to validate the functions / processes / sub-processes, you should check on the assumptions that were put in the request for proposal / engagement charter etc. You should do a quick check on all assumptions, and see if they are valid. Quite possible that you will come across information which will negate one or more assumptions. This can have a substantial impact on your transition plan and you may have to re-write some of the components.

Another thing to validate at this juncture is the effort required for the process. By effort I mean the total head count needed. You should take samples of the transaction time needed for each stage of the process and then to an extrapolation for the same. Also validate the skill set requirement. In my experience, I have identified that in India, I could actually use a slightly lower skill set, that earlier articulated by the client.

You should also test various applications over live meeting from your offshore / back office location. This will give you a fair idea as to the impact of latency of networks at your end, or due to use of citrix or other client applications at the remote location.