Your reporting will also come out of your activities. These will include minutes of the meeting for various activities, whether internal or external.

Communication with client

  • Daily Calls – For first month post Go-Live to discuss important issues (TLs & Manager)
  • Alternate Day Calls – For second month post Go Live (TLs & Manager)
  • Weekly Calls – From third month onwards for discussing any issues during the week. (TLs & Manager)
  • Monthly Calls –SLAdiscussion/agreement and major issues (TLs, Manager, SDL & HOP)

Team Meetings

  • Daily Meetings – work load balancing & updates (TL and Team Members)
  • Weekly Meetings – discuss productivity and errors during the week (TL and Team Members)
  • Weekly Meetings – Discuss ideas, process & other issues (TLs and Manager)
  • Monthly Meetings – Discuss process and other issues (Team Members, TLs and Manager)
  • Monthly Skip Meetings – Team Members and Manager
  • Monthly Skip Meetings – Team Members & SDL/HOP
  • Monthly Skip Meetings – TLs & SDL/HOP
  • Monthly one on ones – Team Member and TL
  • Monthly one on ones – TL & Manager
  • Monthly one on ones – Manager & SDL/HOP
  • Quarterly  one on ones – Team Members & Manager