Here is the link to yesterday’s post on IFRS – exceptions:


Continuing on Tuesday’s post, when you configure macros in the capture file, these should be controlled. There should be start and stop buttons. This file will be a transaction record file. It will capture all critical information and the time of start and stop. You will need to define all stages / transaction steps. Again, this does have a moral binding on a lot of processors, however, there still could be a few over smart folks, who will manipulate the start and end clicks.

The best situation is to get the time capture through the workflow solution, which is used for processing as well. This statement is important – used for transaction processing. In case if you are using the client application directly and do a manual start and stop in another workflow, you challenges will be the same as that of a macro enabled excel.

A lot of clients force this situation. They want all entries to be done in their ERP only. The best situation that I have handled was where we did entries in our workflow, and these were extracted as flat files (csv / text) and then uploaded to the client’s ERP. The entire approval and exception handling was done on our workflow system. This also helped the client to reduce the license cost for their ERP. They reduced the licenses by nearly 120 in number.

Next post – reports.