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Hyperinflationary economy- definition Hyperinflation is indicated – by characteristics of economic  environment  of country, which include: population’s attitude towards local currency  and prices linked to price index; and if cumulative inflation rate over three years is approaching, or exceeds,
Hyperinflation is generally indicated by cumulative
three-year inflation  rate of approximately  100%  or more.
No specific guidance
Hyperinflationary economy­ measurement Entities that have the currency of hyperinflationary economy as functional currency restate their financial statements using a measurement unit current at balance sheet date. Generally does not permit inflation-adjusted financial
statements; instead requires use of reporting currency (US dollar) as functional currency.
Foreign private issuers that use IFRS are permitted to omit quantification of any differences that would have resulted from application of
No specific guidance
Earnings per  / share – diluted Weighted average potential dilutive shares are used as denominator for diluted EPS.

‘Treasury share’ method is used for share options/warrants

Similar to IFRS Similar to IFRS, except  in  Certain circumstances advance share application money received is treated as dilutive potential equity shares.