We share how today’s best-in-class AP organizations are using software-based tools to improve their operations, reduce risks and protect hard-earned cash from disbursement errors.

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AP carries the responsibility and shoulders the blame when payment errors impact profitability. To build an unblemished reputation, you must ensure each payment reflects the negotiated terms, involves the correct unit of measure and currency, and complies with all policies, laws and regulations. To add to the challenge, you must determine whether the payment is a duplicate, the vendor is fraudulent or the tax is incorrect. Fortunately a new generation of technology-based tools is emerging to help you respond appropriately to these complex pressures – helping you improve your operations, reduce risks and protect your company’s hard-earned cash.

This information-packed report reveals how technology can be used to:

  • Safeguard disbursements and avoid duplicate payments – the #1 payment error
  • Uncover fraud schemes that can drain company coffers
  • Shore up your internal controls and compliance initiatives
  • Pursue cash management strategies that boost the value AP delivers
  • Produce even the most comprehensive reports in seconds
  • Track key performance indicators that can help you continuously improve your operations
  • And much, much more!

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