Last post I talked about “Accounting for Purchase Returns” and “Compliance reporting”

Today we share a free report by Aberdeen Group on Receivables Management: Reduce Manual Interventions

The link to the report is:

Customers are the lifeblood of business, but their importance is sometimes forgotten when it comes time to collect payment. For most organizations, accounts receivable is one of the largest assets on the balance sheet. To maintain a competitive position in the market, companies are looking to improve asset-to-cash conversion performance. In financial supply chain management, the goal of the order-to-cash cycle is simple: translate successful sales into actual financial benefit for the organization… Read More

We have shared a number of Aberdeen links, so you must have already registered on their site. You can use the same login credentials to retrieve your report.

This report is a seven page report, giving an insight on the business reasons prompting improvement in accounts receivable areas, giving you an understanding of what best in class companies do, what are the various this companies are doing to gain efficiencies and  what capabilities you need to have and  build to gain improvements.

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