Good article from economic times:

Team Man

Dravid, who did everything asked of him, was the quintessential team man.


If you have team’s interests, your peers will respect you for what you are and you will grow with your team.

Talent Minus Attitude

Dravid, superbly talented, never had an attitude. That’s why perhaps he had such a long and illustrious career.


Talent doesn’t justify brash behaviour with colleagues and/or customers . Without an attitude you are valuable for longer.

Personal Values

Dravid’s integrity and behaviour, on and off the field, were irreproachable.


Great performers lose their way because of personal failings. Ethics and values are a must for longterm success.

Work Ethic

Dravid gave 100% every time he stepped on the field. He did his homework.


Want to excel? Work hard at being ready. Motivate yourself.


Patience and temperament are the greatest allies for a Test match batsman and Dravid had them in abundance.


Getting swayed by quarterly results is a rash shot. Don’t sacrifice longterm goals for quarter-on-quarter glory.


Dravid played by the rules. That worked for him as a player, but not as a leader. He probably lacked the X factor.


When you pick corporate leaders, look beyond talent and performance . A magnificent performer, a great team man, a fine human being may not make a good leader.