We started on dispute resolution:


The very definition of the word dispute presumes a disagreement. The  fact that the understandings and assumptions can be different are fundamental to a disagreement, may lead to a dispute. Either your client or his customer can become rigid on some point pertaining to a transaction and claim that his contention is correct. The thin line between a disagreement and a dispute is defined by the fact that in a disagreement both parties have a different opinion about some clauses or happenings of a transaction, and are open to look at various terms for a reconciliation / correct legal stand, whereas in a dispute, when such a reconciliation is not reached, or one party has a situation where the legal stand cannot be honored by him, a dispute arises and it does not just require researching on the facts, but will lead to waivers / special handling of situations, mandating approvals by an authorized person or a committee or a department.

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