In earlier posts we had covered “Payment Processing”

We received a request to share the process map for this process (Click on image for a larger view):

Last post we shared a workflow for query management and talked about payment administration.

There are other related processes as well.

Dispute Management

From a process perspective, Dispute Management involves components and similar stages as Query Management and Payment settlement.

This process also starts with receiving a dispute / disagreement from a vendor or an employee. Some of the query types can actually be classified under dispute management as well:

  • Different quantity of material sent and received vs. ordered
  • Purchase returns and rejected material
  • Material failing quality acceptance
  • Damaged delivery
  • Different discounts / early payments / interest on delayed payment adjusted
  • Non-receipt / application of remittances
  • Material lost / damaged in transit
  • Transportation cost components
  • Material delivered to an incorrect address of your client

Again, this is very much the same list, isn’t it?

The moment the vendor (or employee) and your client lock horns, it calls for “Dispute Management”. You will have a high level committee or duly authorized people to take decisions, which will be based again on geography, total amount in dispute and in a number of cases, for disputes on the contract terms as well.

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