We shared the priority based and type based approvals in the last post. https://faoblog.com/processes-ap-approval-matrix-2/

Let’s talk about location based and supplier based approvals

Location based approval

Based on the locations of the client, some invoices may have to be approved by specifically designated personnel. This becomes specifically important for multi geography or multi national companies.

This will quite often be linked to value based approvals as well, where, some very high value items will not be restricted to a geography, whereas on the other hand, low value items may be localized. The approval rules will again have similar configurations as discussed in earlier posts.

Supplier based approval

Based on the suppliers of the client / parent, some invoices may have to be approved by specifically designated personnel.

Some large suppliers may need specific / special approvals, whereas a bunch of small ones may be approved on a routine basis.


In the client systems, there shall be a provision to define the sequence / hierarchy for each of the types. Based on the sequence, and the rules defined in each segment, the default routing will be defined as well and provisions shall exist for exceptions to be configured. There may be a set of overriding rule based requirements.

Understanding the approval matrix is important, since based on the rules defined by the client, you may be asked to validate the correctness of the same. In some cases, the client will ask you only to enter the transactions, and do these approvals and validations at his end.

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