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AP Invoice Management in a Networked Economy

Accounts payable (AP) can drive enterprise value through two important avenues: lowering costs by increasing operational efficiency, and collaborating with trading partners to capture discount-based savings and improve supplier relationships. This study, conducted in March and April of 2012, is based on the responses of over 180 organizations to an Aberdeen survey exploring how Best-in-Class enterprises are improving both the internal and external facets of their financial operations. The Best-in-Class provide a clear example of the benefits driven by managing AP as part of a wider, networked economy.

For accounts payable departments, invoice processing can be expensive—especially if it entails dealing with paper documents and manually-conducted approvals. From email to electronic data interchange (EDI), and self-service portals to software-as-a-service (SaaS) / cloud deployments, the current state of technology, and the ubiquity of the Internet, offer attractive alternatives to paper-based transactions that promise lower costs and faster processing. This study evaluates how Best-in-Class companies use these tools (on top of a solid process foundation) to control their payables processes, drive bottom-line results, and get the most out of the options available in our networked economy.

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