Legal Process Outsourcing

Hi readers,  we have been talking about the reconciliations in an R2R / record to report processes in the recent posts on our blog. We covered a lot of ground. As the year is coming to an end, I thought of introducing you to another stream of outsourcing becoming popular in India, LPO or legal process outsourcing.

Market Size

  •  Current estimate of LPO business in India – Over $ 1.12 billion
  •  Few broad players in Indian market, largely captive with few third party vendors
  •  Expected to grow to $ 14.7 bn by 2015

Resource pool

  •  70,000 odd law graduates every year in India and growing
  •  Around 500,000 law graduates are available in India with 1 to 8 years expedience suitable for LPO services
  •  Close to 30,000 law graduates available in Bangalore suitable for LPO services, growing at over 5000 resources every year
  • Proven written & verbal communication and English skills
  • Good analytical capabilities supported by strong technological capabilities
  • Trained professionals available for key operations

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