Legal Process Outsourcing

Our last post on LPO gave a snapshot of the LPO market in India and the available resource pool.

What does LPO really comprise of?

I am sure the grid below will help you get a snapshot of the same.

LPO grid


Some standard services are also listed below:

Contract Drafting Services –   These services are related to transactions with   the client’s vendors and customers.  They strive to assist the clients in structuring their business relationships and drafting   written contracts evidencing the same. Under this, basic and standardized   formats are developed that may be used by the client.

Contract Review –   This service comprises of a review of every contract the client enters into and facilitate analysis   and the administration and implementation of the numerous contracts entered into.

Contract Management  –   Services under this provide a concise and precise understanding of the critical elements   of a contract in order to minimize the client’s exposure to contractual liability, by   scrutinizing the agreements to encapsulate the key terms of the agreement and advising upon any impending realization of obligations there under. Additionally you could assist the client in maintaining calendars of activities, including renewal & critical   tollgate triggers.


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