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What constitutes IFRS statements?

Statement Details
IFRS 1 First-Time Adoption of IFRS
IFRS 2 Share-Based Payment
IFRS 3 Business Combinations
IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts
IFRS 5 Noncurrent Assets Held for   Sale and Discontinued Operations
IFRS 6 Exploration for and   Evaluation of Mineral Resources
IFRS 7 Financial Instruments:   Disclosures
IFRS 8 Operating Segments
IFRS 9 Financial Instruments


Who has or is adopting IFRS?

You won’t believe me, approximately 120 nations and reporting jurisdictions permit or require IFRS for listed companies in their geographies, approximately 90 countries have fully conformed with IFRS as promulgated by the IASB and include a statement acknowledging such conformity in audit reports.

Other countries, are expected to transition to IFRS from 2011-2013. Mexico will require IFRS for all listed companies starting in 2012. Japan has introduced a roadmap for adoption that it will decide on in 2012 (with a proposed adoption date of 2015 or 2016) and is permitting certain qualifying domestic companies to apply IFRS from fiscal years ending on or after March 31, 2010. Still other countries have plans to converge their national standards with IFRS. India is also contemplating to either adapt or converge to IFRS. It looks more like convergence for India. We will get into more details at a later stage.