The link to IFRS post today – Will US move to IFRS?  Read it here:


Now for the free T & E Report. This report downloadable from the Aberdeen Group Website is free for a limited period. I am sure it will benefit AP leaders, especially those working on Time & Expense (or Entertainment) processes.

You can discover how Best-in-Class companies…

  • Improve Corporate Policy Compliance
  • Execute T&E Expenses On Budget
  • Reduce Processing Cost

Modern management of expenses related to Travel and Entertainment (T&E) has undergone an evolution from traditional back-office function to strategic internal set of processes. The next-generation T&E expense management program is built on the Best-in-Class pillars of modern expense management, including analytical, mobile, cloud and integrated capabilities and processes, and has proven to drive tremendous value from a complex spend category that is necessary for driving corporate business value. The T&E Expense Management research study, conducted in January and February 2012 of 140 enterprises, unearths the Best-in-Class framework for effective expense management and seeks to educate organizations on the strategic value of next-generation approaches…. Read More

You can download it from the link below after registering for this research group.

Did you check out our IFRS post today on the thought whether United States will move to IFRS as it has a strong GAAP already implemented?

Happy reading both. More on F & A tomorrow.