Seeing Clearly Now: The Power of Real-Time Visibility Provided by Automated Systems
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Automation in accounts payable has been viewed as a solution to reduce paper invoices and transition to a paperless environment. Yet, the capabilities of such systems now extend far beyond simply converting paper to dynamic electronic data. Automated systems with dynamic dashboards have emerged as a powerful business tool that can deliver considerable ROI and provide progressive organizations with a competitive edge.

Not only do these automated systems electronically capture and control paper invoices, they also drive efficiency and offer opportunities for strategic insight that can generate appreciable bottom-line impact from AP operations. At the heart of the advancements is enhanced real-time visibility into operations and data, allowing for better metrics, insightful strategic planning and more informed decision making. Those benefits are not just for accounts payable executives, but also for high-level managers and senior executives who can benefit from the stream of real-time data to help them make better-informed decisions aimed at enhancing efficiency, bolstering productivity, and, ultimately, growing profitability and the business itself.

This no-cost report will provide a deeper exploration of how automation featuring real-time visibility can deliver significant ROI and myriad other benefits to your organization, including how automated systems can help your organization:

  • Grasp the potential and power of real-time visibility and its multi-layered benefits to various levels within an organization
  • Provide an accurate, real-time view of liabilities and improve management of working capital
  • Utilize dynamic dashboards that can track key performance indicators
  • Maintain and strengthen vendor relationships
  • Become confident that internal controls are in place for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Understand the importance of automated systems and learn how to develop a business case to sell to upper management
  • Plan for how to better leverage resources and talent after a system is put in place
  • Implement a smarter use of people, time, resources and cash flow
  • Become more responsive, more competitive and more nimble
  • And much, much more!

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