Accountants: Your Non-Stop Revenue After Tax Season

Ocean waves are breathtaking! The sheer contrast between the peaks and troughs of water is thrilling to watch. Surfers riding the peaks of waves are such a captivating treat to eyes, and to the mind.

You triumphed on the peak wave of tax season. Now comes the inevitable trough of that wave. Your earnings sliding down to a long trough after tax season is not something that you look forward to.

If you want to surf from peak to peak of waves of income, you need non-stop revenue after the tax season. Here are 3 proven methods that professionals just like you use to generate non-stop revenue after the tax season…..

You Be The Best Out There:

Being just the best you can is not sufficient, any more. Be the best out there – in something that your clients will value more. One of our clients in a specific type of service to business entities in a specific industry has grown from 5 employees to 45; from 20 clients to over 150 and from annual revenue of $ 300,000 to over $ 3 mn. His clients simply say that his firm is the best amongst the best.

You Cover Their Whole World:

Not in a literal sense, but don’t just restrict yourself to accounting or tax part of your clients’ world. Learn as much as possible about their business and industry, the key success factors across their peers in the same industry and so on. The more intelligence you have about their business, the more you can earn through effective consulting. On his blog, one of my clients, a CPA, tells his clients how the “cost of goods sold” in their specific industry increased over the last year and how they are forecasted to increase due to consistent trends in the weather-related conditions! Such a critical “business intelligence” is a make or break insight for the business owners to be proactive about their future selling prices and hence profits.

You Shift Them From Past to Future:

Your business clients i.e. entrepreneurs are already in the future. They live in augmented reality. They visualize the future. They live in the future. And if you show them current financial statements and problems therein, they think you are talking of the past! So what can you do? Paint the future for them. E.g. make some logical assumptions of their business growth. Tell them if the current trends continue, what exactly their future will look like. E.g. present their 2016 income statement and balance sheet right now in 2015. An amazing CPA helps his clients plan the future in ways that can release thousands of Dollars cash-flow into their businesses.

YOU have a huge advantage. Your clients already know you. Just “leverage” those relationships – for THEIR benefit. Your clients need you! You can solve MORE of their problems. You don’t even have to know all the answers nor do you have to do it all yourself. In an increasingly connected world, no service provider can now afford to be completely independent. Inter-dependent networks of Because more people need you, focus on leveraging the knowledge and insights you have. To know more about how Pransform can help you help more people, contact us now.

By: Hitendra R. Patil