Outsourcing has become one high-measured valuable strategy now. Companies benefit through operational excellence and cost savings in their activities. It involves giving a portion of the core work to expert service providers and gradually building a professional relationship between the client and the service provider.

What makes finance and accounting (F&A) outsourcing cost effective?

Be it domestic or exports , contracting out a portion of the work to an external service provider was the norm in the last decade. Most enterprises maximized their number of functions and cost savings. Thus, outsourcing became a promising deal for industries worldwide.

F&A outsourcing is thought of as one strategic initiative that streamlines time-consuming and intricate accounting and all the seemingly overbearing processes. Working in the accounting process for a huge global company explains how enormous and intricate process sorting can become. This means that market size measures the amount of accounting works for a business. So, a company with relatively large global exposure might have huge backlogs in accounting that its finance team would have to execute. Plus there are more challenges that F&A outsourcing is facing presently.

Owing to the circumstances, outsourcing can be considered to provide certain benefits. Some of them are:

Saving on operating costs

One of the main reasons behind outsourcing F&A functions is savings of operating costs. As the process is really intricate, F&A calls for recruiting skilled and expensive finance executives and chartered accounts. Moreover, companies have to meet client deadlines. Using a reliable service provider and outsourcing F&A will help the company save a lot of money. It will also help a company refrain from recruiting new workforce, on infrastructure and operations, and hence spend fewer dollars.

Streamlining the process and faster turnaround

Faster TAT with process streamlining is a company’s reward for outsourcing F&A to a third party. Most globally established BPMs come with incredible analytics and industry insights about accounting work. They can give a client company great business advantages. They are also equipped with cloud computing and other advanced technologies. They can provide efficient account services to their clients, where their F&A process is totally streamlined and reliable. As these companies are profoundly knowledgeable in F&A, streamlining any work is easy for them.

Focusing on core competencies by saving time

Any companies’ core competencies are technical knowledge and talent resources. Companies maximize them to be competitive in the local and global market. The company also gets affected by extra pressures like growing costs and other factors, leading to a total mess in the management process. A company can find it difficult to cope with increasing challenges that competitors pose. Outsourcing helps save time for these companies, allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

Improving a finance employee’s capabilities

Companies failing to maintain the required practices for efficiency and efficacy, find themselves in draining talents. It ends up in a huge employee exodus and eventually cripples the company’s financial system. This usually happens when efficiency, time, and adequate talent are absent. Hence, achieving skilled employee capability becomes a tough job. The working capacity of any finance executive is enhanced with outsourcing. Thus, companies can also face challenges by utilizing the core competencies of the F&A work outsourced.

F&A outsourcing can be one effective technique every small and big company can work with. This will help process their accounting functions cost effectively and systematically. In this extremely competitive marketplace, outsourcing an accounting process to a competitive third party is one sure way to success.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain, a veteran industry expert working with a prestigious outsourcing contact center, has been writing about industry technologies and their positive effects on organizations. Abhishek started out his career as a customer support executive, marking his entry in the customer service industry. He has a rewarding experience of working in various BPO industry processes for more than 10 years.  Abhishek’s unique passion is providing useful tips and information for Finance and Accounting Services and customer experience.


By: Abhishek Jain