Last post our FAO Author started on DSO or Days Sales Outstanding. 

We found a good T & E report from the Aberdeen Group. You may need to register on their website if you are not already registered. An email ID is essential.


Discover how Best-in-Class companies…

  • Increase Managed Travel Spend
  • Cut Expense-Processing Costs
  • Comply To T&E Policies 

Recent research indicates that nearly 70% of organizations view Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expense management as a strategic internal function that is capable of driving corporate value. This document explores this complex spend category, uncovers the role of end-to-end T&E expense management solutions in streamlining processes within the modern T&E lifecycle, and their role in raising visibility and control over T&E spending and key processes…
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Hope you enjoy this free report. Click on Read More  above to go to Aberdeen site and claim your free report.

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