Particulars IFRS US GAAP  Indian GAAP
Non-current assets held for sale or disposal group Non current asset is classified as held for sale if its carrying amount will be recovered principally through a sale transaction rather than through continuing use. A non­ current asset classified as held for sale is measured at the lower of its carrying amount and fair value less costs to sell. Comparative balance sheet is not restated. Similar to IFRS. Similar to IFRS; however there is no requirement to classify and present an asset as held for sale on the face of the balance sheet or n the notes 
Leases- classification A lease is a finance lease if substantially all risks and ( rewards of ownership are  transferred. Substance rather than form is important. Similar to IFRS, but with more extensive form-driven requirements Similar to IFRS.
Leases- lessor accounting   Amounts due under finance leases are recorded as a receivable. Gross earnings allocated to give constant rate of return based on (pre-tax) net investment method. Similar to IFRS, but with specific rules for leveraged leases Similar to IFRS.