Particulars IFRS US GAAP  Indian GAAP
Acquired intangible assets Capitalized if recognition  except criteria are met; amortized over useful life. Intangibles 
assigned an indefinite useful life are not amortized but reviewed at least annually for impairment.

Revaluation are permitted in rare circumstances

Similar to IFRS , except revaluation are not permitted Capitalized if recognition
criteria are met; all intangibles are amortized over useful life with a rebuttable presumption of
not exceeding 10 year.

Revaluation are not permitted

Internally generated intangible assets   Research costs are expensed as incurred. Development, costs are
capitalized and amortized only when specific criteria are met.
Research and development costs are expensed as incurred. Some software and website development costs are capitalized. Similar to IFRS.
Property, plant and equipment Historical cost or revalued amounts are used. Regular valuations of entire classes of assets are required when revaluation option is chosen Historical cost is used; revaluations are not permitted Historical cost is used.
Revaluations are permitted, however, no requirement
on frequency of revaluation.

On revaluation, an entire class of assets is revalued, or selection of assets is made on a systematic basis.