Particulars IFRS US GAAP  Indian GAAP
sheet events
Financial statements are adjusted for subsequent events, providing evidence of conditions that existed at the balance sheet date amounts in financial statements  (adjusting events).  Non- adjusting events are disclosed. Similar to IFRS. Similar to IFRS, except non- adjusting events are not required to be disclosed in financial statements but are disclosed in report of approving authority e.g. Directors report
Interim financial reporting  Contents are prescribed and basis should be
consistent with full-year statements. Frequency of reporting (eg,, quarterly half year)  is imposed by local regulator or is at
discretion of entity
Similar to IFRS. Additional quarterly reporting requirements apply for SEC registrants (domestic US entities only). Interim reporting requirements for foreign private issuers are based on local law and stock exchange requirements. Similar to IFRS. However, pursuant to the listing agreement, all listed entities in India are required