Record to report / R2R – Reconciliations


We started with Customer accounts reconciliations in the previous FAO post. We talked about some key things which lead to the items that appear in a reconciliation, rather “differences” between two statements.

I had triggered a thought that these lead to the process of resolutions.

Normally, I have seen most of the big outsourcers and back office units identify the differences, build documentation and supports for the same and hand these over to accounting groups. This is what an accountant does also. But then, where is the value add? Look a little more deeply, doesn’t the accountant reach out to all concerned and identify solutions?

Well, that is the first value add that I can list. So as an outsourcer / back office you should figure out how to close those items. Normally this exercise will end in proper entries being made at either end, the customer’s or your accounting books for that matter.

So then what more can be a value add?

I did share an example in one of my previous posts.

Think through this till the next post……..


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