delinquency follow upWe shared a sample 2nd and 3rd reminder letter for a collections follow up process.

Here are samples how a fourth and final reminder may look like and the note thereafter to your client’s legal department / attorney to initiate legal action.

Forth Reminder:

Customer Name,


Dear Sirs,

We very much regret that the sum of $.XXXXXX  has been overdue since long and in spite of our repeated requests and reminders you haven’t remitted the amount or even responded to our letters / not honored you promises to remit and clear the amount.

If we do not receive the above amount within a week of the receipt of this notice, we shall be constrained to resort to legal proceeding and you shall be held liable to the consequences.

Yours faithfully,


Letter to legal department

Legal Department / Attorney

Your client


Dear Sirs,

This is to inform you that <Customer Name> has an overdue amount of $ XXXXX, which has not been cleared even after repeated reminders and follow up as per details given below:

First Reminder:               MM-DD-YYYY

Second Reminder:          MM-DD-YYYY

Third Reminder:             MM-DD-YYYY

Fourth Reminder:           MM-DD-YYYY

1st Call Reminder:            MM-DD-YYYY

2nd Call Reminder:          MM-DD-YYYY

3rd Call Reminder:          MM-DD-YYYY

You are requested to initiate the legal proceedings for the recovery of the amount. The amount of penalty and interest debited to the account is $ YYYY.

Yours ever in service,

Yours faithfully,


Once this is done, for the accounting group, you will need to move this amount to “Bad Debts” and provision for the same.

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