Future plans of the FAO Blog

Hi friends, the FAO blog went through a series of bumps. We have not really been very active on the “Finance and Accounts Outsourcing” side since almost July, that is three months. We are working on expanding the scope of the blog from just “Finance and Accounts Outsourcing” to “Finance, Accounts, Outsourcing”.

We had received a number  of requests for accounting inputs and guidance. The finance professionals in various industries reached out to us, where they asked if we could share updates on “Finance” streams.

And of course, the “Six Sigma” stream needs to start up.

From a 3 post a week, from next week, we will do a post everyday from Monday to Saturday. There will be no post on Sundays.

So, enjoy the blog. Also, if you like a post, do share it on both your facebook and linkedin timeline. We will really appreciate that.