B2B Collaboration:  Reduce Cash-to-Cash Cycle 

We came across this great report from the Aberdeen Group, enjoy reading.

Discover how Best-in-Class companies…

  • Decrease Chance of Supply/Demand Mis-Match
  • Increase Response Time To Customers
  • Improve Product Lead-Time

Aberdeen Group’s recent supply chain reports highlighted the priority companies are placing on B2B collaboration and the benefits managed file transfer provides in addressing the data issues involved in partner collaboration (B2B Collaboration: No Longer Optional, May 2012 and B2B Collaboration: The Impact of Managed file Transfer, June 2012). Although there is tremendous emphasis being placed on B2B collaboration, there are still significant challenges to be addressed, even by leading companies. Since B2B collaboration has been covered from a priority perspective and a data perspective, this Analyst Insight will now look at it from the deployment point of view to see if there are any advantages to be gained by comparing those companies utilizing SaaS deployment options to those that are not… Read More

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