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When you think of AP automation, do you envision ERP systems that are complicated, expensive to install and maintain and implementation that takes too long and goes over budget? Do you believe that ERP systems are a luxury that only Fortune 500 companies can afford to install and run?

While five years ago this may have been true, the development of the Internet, Software-as-a-Service and the cloud have reduced the cost of connecting business partners to the point where today companies of all sizes can obtain the benefits that were once only available to the largest corporations. Today many solutions exist that allow companies of all sizes to participate in and gain the full benefits of AP automation, which include invoice capture, automated workflow, reporting, vendor portals and electronic archive. These productivity improving solutions provide smaller companies with the technology to compete, in terms of their financial operations, with their larger competitors.

This no-cost report will show how AP automation can help organizations of all sizes:

  • Utilize productivity tools that were once only available to the largest corporations
  • Shrink time spent manually handling invoices and workflow processes
  • Reduce errors and duplicate payments by reviewing and matching invoices without the need to key in the data
  • Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other government regulations
  • Standardize processes and put in place a system that is based on rules to enforce company processes, such as separation of duties, proper approvals and a consistent audit trail
  • Improve visibility and controls throughout the AP department
  • Capture early-payment discounts made possible due to more efficient processing
  • Decrease processing time by moving invoices and other items through the systems at a fraction of the time that paper processing takes
  • Identify and consolidate volume spend to allow for better contract negotiation and pricing
  • Accrue invoices as soon as they are received, giving finance a more accurate view of cash requirements
  • Free up staff to handle more value-added processes such as vendor maintenance or cost analysis
  • And much, much more!

This information-packed report is available for a limited time only. Get your copy now!


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