Accounting – Trial Balance Errors

We pointed out mistakes, which throw a trial out of balance.

There surely will be errors, which do not disrupt the equation of the total balance, i.e. the total of debits and total of credits.

Now these are also very crucial, as the final accounts drawn will be incorrect.

Some of these are:

  • An incorrect amount is entered in the primary books
  • Missing to record a transaction in the primary books

  • Making an entry with an incorrect account name / ledger
  • Posting an asset to an expense account / liability to income and vice versa
  • Some errors, which compensate each other will also fall into this category.

Thus, we can create four classifications for these type of errors.

  • Errors of Omission – a transaction missed to be entered in the books of accounts
  • Errors of Commission – incorrect posting of amount / to incorrect account / incorrect balance transfer from principal / subsidiary books of accounts
  • Errors of principle – assets posted to expenses etc….
  • Errors compensating each other

Some of these errors may end up falsifying the final accounts…..

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