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Mergers and Acquisitions in India

Check out these links, this blog gives details of all mergers and acquisition information across India, across all businesses. The list for the week : Also, this has a list of the top 10 Mergers in 2011. One large BPO deal in it. The Reliance – BP deal The much talked about Reliance – BP deal finally came through in July 2011 after a 5 month wait. Reliance Industries signed a 7.2 billion dollar deal with UK energy giant BP, with 30 percent stake in 21 oil and gas blocks operated in India. Although the Indian government’s...

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Tips to help enhance job stability and achieve potentially faster promotions

This was a good article in economic times. You can read the article at : Article: There is a strong connection between etiquette and ethics. While some organisations have detailed employee handbooks, others have unwritten rules. Either way, you cannot take your employer for granted. Partnering with your organisation, follow these tips to help increase profitability, enhance your job stability and achieve potentially faster promotions. Techno-etiquette: Respond to client emails and phone calls promptly, ensuring smooth business. In today fs competitive world, do remember that your client has expectations, which if not met, can lead to him/her exercising...

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Nine Shock Waves Coming at BPO

I came across a very nice article from Alsbridge Outsourcing Center which I would like to share. You will have an understanding what you need to prepare for in the future. Source: Alsbridge Outsourcing Center and The big headline in BPO: The continuing global economic changes are causing a paradigm shift in the way organizations are doing business, according to Dinanath Kholkar, Head, BFS & INS, BPO Services, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). “Higher returns on investments, faster turnaround times and the need to reach out to emerging markets are the need of the hour,” he notes. The outsourcing market is experiencing a radical...

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Site changes

Hi, I have made some minor changes to the site, due to which some old links sent to all subscribers may not work for various posts. To read old posts, you may need to visit the site. Regards,...

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A Blog on Finance and Accounts Outsourcing

Our Introduction We are a group of people working in the finance and accounts outsourcing and the ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) industry for over fifteen years now. We have Chartered Accountants (equivalent to a CPA in the US), law graduates and people from other accounting spheres contributing to the blog. These authors have been managing both transitions and operations based out of India. They have successfully transitioned over a hundred processes to India, while helping their clients in managing change. They have delivered excellent services to their clients by guiding the resources under them. About the Blog This is...

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